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Increase in digital accessibility lawsuits in recent years.


Average costs to defendants of website compliance lawsuits.


Settlement cost of a recent web accessibility lawsuit.

How We Focus on the Needs of the Beverage Industry

Group Pricing

ADA Site Compliance provides group pricing for beverage companies that have multiple websites. If multiple websites have similar functionality, costs can be greatly reduced.

Work with 3rd Party Developers

Many websites in the beverage industry are managed by 3rd party web developers. ADASC works hand in hand with your 3rd party developers to get your website into compliance. Need a developer to make the changes? We can help you with that too.

Video Captioning

ADASC understands that the beverage industry commonly uses videos on their web pages to communicate information and advertise to potential clients. We will assist you in improving these videos towards regulatory standards.

What You Need

Compliance Shield

A certificate placed on your website indicating that you have a compliance plan in place.  Additionally, acts as a deterrent against surf-by lawsuits; letting all website visitors know that you are actively working toward website compliance, accessibility and usability for all.

Accessibility Policy

A compliance plan detailing the efforts that your company has made to ensure that your website is accessible in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Additionally, provides contact information for anyone who has trouble accessing areas of your website.

Audit Reports

Detailed reporting indicating which lines of code have errors and need to be corrected, along with screenshots and detailed text descriptions of each. This reporting acts as the blueprint for your web developers to follow, allowing them to update your website's accessibility.

Our Services

Website Auditing

Detailed reporting, indicating which lines of your website's code need to be corrected along with screenshots and text descriptions.

Website Remediation

Correcting the issues uncovered in the auditing process. We assist your  team in making your website compliant, by providing them with the needed details. We can also make the website compliant for you by utilizing our team of talented web developers.

Audio Captioning

All videos displayed on a web page must have closed captioning, as well as audio descriptions. Our team of experts captions your video content, making it compliant. 

PDF Remediation

PDFs must be displayed in the proper format to be compliant. Our dedicated PDF team will uncover the errors in your documents, and correct them. Providing you with compliant and accessible documents.

Consulting & Training

Making your website compliant and accessible is the first step, keeping it compliant and accessible is of equal importance. Websites are constantly changing, your team must know how to make updates with legal risk and compliance in mind. We are here to help!

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