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"We want technology to provide new levels of inclusiveness. In fact, I'm most excited about accessibility."
-Satya Nadella CEO Microsoft


Our Founders

Scott Trachtenberg is a serial technology entrepreneur with a passion for starting and growing businesses. A pioneer of the restaurant food delivery concept, Scott co-founded Delivery Wow which he grew to be one of the largest restaurant delivery services in the country. Scott was instrumental in leading the exit of Delivery Wow to a strategic buyer. Currently Scott sits on the board of multiple companies and is an equity holder in numerous technology start-ups. This role allows him to act as mentor and coach, guiding other entrepreneurs along their journey to business and personal success. He is a member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, participating in on-going entrepreneurial training and education throughout the country. Scott is a true leader-of-leaders, being named, "Top Entrepreneur of the Year" by Business Leader Magazine based on his proven leadership from concept, into start-up, through growth and finally to exit. Scott has a passion for technology, and how it can be utilized for improving the lives of those with alternative learning styles and distinct accessibility needs.

Scott Rubenstein has been a professional application developer and designer for more than 20 years. He has received praise and accolades throughout his career for his out-of-the-box thinking and creativity in his solutions. Scott is a survivor of the terrorist attacks on 9/11 and was fortunate to escape tower 2 of the World Trade Center prior to its collapse. He returned to New York City soon after, playing an integral role in restoring critical systems. Post 9/11, Scott set off on an entrepreneurial journey, founding an industry-leading software company, guiding all aspects of software and website design and development. Under his strong leadership and guidance, the business quickly scaled, ultimately selling to a large strategic buyer. He subsequently became an expert in building and securing websites across a multitude of industries. He has personally overseen the auditing and remediation of 100’s of websites. Scott has completed advanced learning in the WCAG standards, Section 504, Section 508, Requirements of Title II and Title III, Public Entity Requirements, Auditing and Remediation Strategies and Solutions, American with Disabilities Act, Back-end Development, Front-end Development, QA Testing, Legal Conformance, HTML, Javascript, CSS, SQL, Screen Reader Software, Keyboard Shortcuts, Shopify, Weebly, Squarespace, GoDaddy Website Builder, WordPress, Wix and others. Scott has a passion and high level of expertise for understanding the coding languages utilized in building and developing website. Accessibility is a passion that drives his continued learning, sharing, and coaching. Scott and his team of accessibility experts have provided professional guidance to 1,000s of people and entities eager to improve their websites, apps, videos, and documents (PDFs).


Our Story

ADA Site Compliance was founded to assist businesses and organizations in ensuring that all users are easily able to navigate every area of their website. With the added benefits of mitigating law suits, increased customer loyalty, improved SEO, lower CPC costs, and improved overall ROI.

Our founder, Scott Trachtenberg, was served with one of the first ADA website compliance demand letters. In dealing with this significant legal issue, he became aware of the rising number of lawsuits being brought against small and large businesses, and organizations. Building on his experience and education gained while going through the ADA compliance process, Scott founded ADA Site Compliance to help businesses and organizations navigate the muddied waters of website compliance, accessibility, and usability.

Scott “Rube” Rubenstein is the companies Chief Technology Officer, he manages ADA Site Compliance’s exclusive technologically driven testing platform. This platform allows website owners to test their websites compliance and better evaluate their lawsuit exposure risks. Once the risks have been assessed, and the websites accessibility has been evaluated, Rube oversees the process of implementing a strategic plan for mitigating your legal risks. This may include both technologically driven auditing, and human expert auditing, of your website. There are multiple options for beginning this process, and the team at ADA Site Compliance will assist you in navigating them.

The long-term mission of ADA Site Compliance is to educate and evangelize the benefits of ADA website compliance and to play an active role in ensuring that every website is open and accessible to all visitors.