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Scott Trachtenberg is a serial entrepreneur who has pursued his passion for starting and growing businesses over the course of his career. He was the co-founder of Delivery Wow, where he led one of the largest restaurant delivery services (RDS) in the country to develop, manage, merge/acquire and grow business operations from a zero base to profitability with hands-on P&L control in highly competitive markets and direct oversight of all website development. Scott was instrumental in an $80 million RDS business group rollup, hiring an investment bank to take the group to market. During this process Scott led discussions regarding sale/purchase opportunities with strategic and financial buyers in management presentations. He ultimately exited to a strategic buyer. During his entrepreneurial journey, Scott sold a business that he had founded and grown rapidly to geographic and financial scale, to a financial buyer. He currently sits on the board of multiple companies and is an equity holder of numerous start-ups. In this role he acts as mentor and coach, guiding entrepreneurs along their journey to business and personal success. He is a member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, participating in on-going entrepreneurial training and education throughout the country. Scott is a true leader-of-leaders, being named, "Top Entrepreneur of the Year" by Business Leader Magazine based on his proven leadership from concept, into start-up, through growth and finally to exit.

Scott Rubenstein has been a professional application developer and designer for more than 20 years. Utilizing his technical skills, along with his entrepreneurial goals, he has been partnered in multiple highly successful businesses. He has received praise and accolades throughout his career for his out-of-the-box thinking and creativity in his solutions. Scott is a survivor of the terrorist attacks on 9/11 and was fortunate to escape tower 2 of the World Trade Center prior to its collapse. He returned to New York City soon after, playing an integral role in restoring critical systems. Post 9/11, Scott set off on an entrepreneurial journey, founding an industry-leading software company, guiding all aspects of software and website design and development. Under his strong leadership and guidance, the business quickly scaled, ultimately selling to a large strategic buyer. He subsequently became an expert in building and securing websites across a multitude of industries. Scott has a passion, and a high level of expertise, for understanding the coding languages utilized in building and developing website.


Scott Trachtenberg is the founder of ADA Site Compliance and this is his story.

While sitting in my office, I was served with legal documents. In short, it was a demand letter stating that my business' website was not ADA compliant. See the Letter HERE

I knew nothing about the need for websites to be compliant, or that the Americans with Disabilities Act requires websites to be accessible to the disabled, or that the Department of Justice has backed many lawsuits. Fast-forward six months and I had spent a large sum of money, and significant time, to correct our website and make the legal issue go away. In the process, I gained significant knowledge regarding website compliance, mitigation and remediation. Friends and business associates began asking for assistance in bringing their websites into compliance. I realized that there was a growing demand that would only increase as more and more businesses were being sued and smart entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, marketing professionals, and tech savvy individuals recognized the need to be proactive in ensuring that their websites are accessible and compliant. ADA Site Compliance was formed by bringing together a highly educated and professional team to develop software and human- driven solutions for website accessibility and compliance. We provide individual businesses with a cost-effective solution for on-going website mitigation and remediation.

The team at ADA Site Compliance consists of expert software engineers, website developers, website designers, and programmers. We provide customers with a wealth of knowledge, and have the ability to guide them through the identification of their website accessibility and compliance issues, correcting them without creating a drain on their time or resources. This minimizes legal issues, while also creating a differentiator for businesses; giving them greater access to the disabled population (roughly 20% of the entire population). It also allows your business to remove the accessibility barriers that currently prevent you access to what will soon be a $1 trillion market of disabled individuals using assistive technologies and devices. This enables our customers to derive the greatest cost benefit and ROI from their website by making it inclusive and user friendly for all.

The mutual goal of the team members of ADA Site Compliance is to empower all who strive for inclusiveness; including, but not limited to, business owners, website developers, those tasked with website oversight, and disabled individuals who rightfully deserve equal access to all websites. We are committed to transparency, inclusion, and support the pursuit by all to live more fulfilled lives, enjoying the benefits of the web.

The team at ADA Site Compliance congratulates you on recognizing the need for ensuring that your website is accessible and compliant under the laws of the Americans with Disabilities Act.