Accessibility Policy


A certificate placed on your website indicating that you have a compliance plan in place.  Additionally, acts as a deterrent against surf-by lawsuits; letting all website visitors know that you are actively working toward website compliance, accessibility and usability for all.


SiteAccessibility Policy

A compliance plan detailing the efforts that your company is making to ensure that your website is accessible in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Compliance Audit Report

A detailed report indicating which lines of code need to be corrected, along with screen shots and text descriptions of each.

Compliance Shield

$99 per Year
  • ComplianceShield
  • SiteAccessibility Policy
  • $5,000 in Mitigation Insurance

Compliance Audit

$499 per Year
  • ComplianceShield
  • SiteAccessibility Policy
  • 4 Compliance Audits
  •  $5,000 in Mitigation Insurance

Accessibility Advisor

$999 per Year
  • ComplianceShield
  • SiteAccessibility Policy
  • 12 ComplianceAudits
  • 2 Hours of Support
  • Access to Webinars
  • $5,000 in Mitigation Insurance

Enterprise Solutions

Contact Us
  • Automated Audit Reports
  • Website Certificate Plan
  • Accessibility Policy
  • Manual Human Testing
  • Personalized Training
  • 10 Hours of Support

"We believe very deeply that accessibility is a human right."

-Tim Cook, CEO Apple

It is strongly suggested that you mitigate website accessibility issues on an ongoing basis. Each time a change is made to your website, or the laws and regulations governing website compliance are updated, you must ensure that your website is accessible. We are the best priced (significantly less) solution for website accessibility, compliance, and mitigation. ADA Site Compliance prides itself on providing the highest level of service to our customers, and never sacrificing quality of work.