Reduce Lawsuit Risk

We have found that most in the alcoholic beverage industry are not even aware that their websites puts them at legal risk. Reduce your risk of a lawsuit in 3 easy steps. By spending a few minutes to read through the following pages, you will learn how to avoid a costly web accessibility lawsuit.  ADA Site Compliance's expert staff would be proud to assist your team in each of the following steps. Have you already received a lawsuit? We're sorry to hear that click here for a guide that better fits your needs.


Understand How the Disabled Use Your Website


Partner With An Expert


Protect Yourself: Accessibility Policy Compliance Shield

Here are examples of disabilities impacted by inaccessible websites:

Visual Icon

Low Vision
Color Blindness

Hearing Icon

Hearing Impairments

Motor Icon

Limited Fine Motor Control
Difficulty or Inability to use hands

Cognitive Icon

Learning Disabilities
Memory Disabilities