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Ready to take the next steps toward having an accessible website? Let us help you reach your compliance goals.

In addition to everything included in the Compliance Shield package, you will receive quarterly site compliance audits. Powered by ADA Site Compliance’s technology, this report allows you to identify many compliance issues before they become expensive liabilities.

Utilizing sophisticated software to audit your website, a detailed compliance report is sent to you annually. The audit provides the line of code where the error resides, screen shots of each error, and information on how to make corrections. Allowing those tasked with remediating your website to clearly understand the accessibility issues and the steps needed to correct them.

In conjunction with ADA Site Compliance’s ComplianceShield and SiteAccessibility Policy, technological auditing is an excellent solution for beginning your pursuit of website compliance and accessibility for all visitors.

It is highly recommended that you purchase the Accessibility Advisor package, which includes 2 hours of support and quarterly auditing reports. Although the reports provide visual and text explanations, there will be times during the process where having support from one of ADA Site Compliance’s experts will greatly reduce the time needed to complete tasks. Streamlining your process and lowering your overall associated costs.

The Compliance Audit package includes auditing of up to 200 pages.  Additional pages may be added below at your discretion.

An Easy and Inexpensive way to start protecting your Website!

Purchase this package and our team of ADA compliance experts will email you a 100-page technological website audit report, along with a customized accessibility policy and website compliance certificate.

You will receive 1 line of code to add to the footer of your website, and this will activate your accessibility policy and compliance certificate. It’s that simple to provide a layer of protection and peace of mind against lawsuits.

Compliance Report