What is ADA Website Compliance?

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates by federal law that your website is compliant for use by the 20% of the population with disabilities. This includes giving the vision, hearing and physically impaired individual the ability to navigate and interact with your website.

• Visually Impaired - Website Readers audibly read the text, tags, and other information on your website to those unable to see your site.
• Hearing Impaired- Audible areas of your site must have text associations, so they are understood by those unable to hear.
• Physically Impaired- Navigation through your website must be available using only the keyboard. Those with limited or no hand functionality are often unable to use a mouse.

More than 1 billion people live with disabilities; over 57 million reside in the United States, many of whom are unable to participate in everyday activities, such as using computers, mobile phones, tablets, and similar technologies. Devices that should help to improve quality of life for disabled individuals often become a source of frustration due to the inaccessibility of websites. By making your website ADA compliant, you will gain a new and loyal revenue source, and minimize the possibility of legal action against your company.