Worried about website accessibility lawsuits?

We’re the website compliance experts.

There’s only one thing better than winning a lawsuit:

Avoiding a lawsuit

We’re a top-rated digital accessibility firm that has helped thousands of clients manage ADA compliance for their websites, apps, PDFs, and more. We’ll make sure that you not only get compliant but stay compliant.

Already received a demand letter or lawsuit?

Our experts manage your litigation

Take a deep breath—you’re exactly where you should be. As the top-rated ADA compliance firm, we’ve helped thousands of clients manage and avoid litigation for ADA noncompliance, and we will do the same for you!

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    Protecting thousands of websites large & small from accessibility litigation

    We have championed accessibility and ADA compliance for thousands of businesses and government entities.

    • NAPA Auto Parts
    • Barry University
    • Iberostar Hotels & Resorts
    • Schweiger Dermatology Group
    • Five Guys burgers and fries
    • Waffle House
    • Western Union
    “The fastest-growing cost in American business is compliance. [Getting sued is] a heavy cost. ADA Site Compliance helps businesses and public entities make their websites and PDFs compliant. This is a big deal….”
    -Kevin O’Leary, aka “Mr. Wonderful”

    ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank

    Why choose ADA Site Compliance?

    • Because the pros do

      Law firms, website designers, and government agencies all come to ADA Site Compliance for expert solutions that provide maximum protection against lawsuits. The majority of our business comes from referrals. We are your trusted resources’ most trusted resource.

    • Human Expert Auditing

      While our solutions are supported by the very latest technologies, it is our team of digital accessibility and compliance experts that devise and implement those solutions through their years of unrivaled experience. Manual testing is an essential part of our process.

    • Our Shield is our promise

      Our Compliance Shield appears prominently in the footer of each page of your website. This demonstrates your continued commitment to improving the accessibility of your websites, mobile apps, videos, and documents (PDFs).

      Test Your Website For Compliance

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      How accessibility works

      With our proven, human-centered approach:

      • We review your website & materials

      • We give you easy recommendations to start on right away

      • We get to work

        Have our accessibility experts contact you

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        Website accessibility protection is only 24 hours away

        • Begin

          When it comes to avoiding or managing litigation, time is of the essence. That’s why we commence implementing a strategic plan within 24 hours after your initial contact.

        • Letter of Compliance

          We will provide you with a letter of compliance, that details the specific accessibility actions taken to remediate your website and digital content.

        • Compliance Shield

          Our Compliance Shield not only tells visitors that you’re working with the experts in digital compliance, but that you’re taking steps to ensure that your website is ADA compliant.

        How the ADA Site Compliance Shield works

        We can begin a comprehensive risk-mitigation plan in as little as 24 hours.


        Our team reviews your website and other digital assets, then proposes a customized plan for your digital accessibility and legal compliance.


        Based on your needs and budget, our experts recommend the best approach for making your website, app, videos, and documents legally compliant.


        Our plan includes proven strategies for maintaining long-term legal compliance of your digital assets. Ongoing human monitoring is a must.

        Shield Defense

        We provide you with our Compliance Shield ASAP to show your visitors, and plaintiff’s attorneys, that you’re engaged with trusted accessibility experts.

        It’s not just about litigation

        Our proven, human-centered approach helps you:

        Expand Your Audience

        We remove digital barriers so that all of your visitors can experience everything your company has to offer.

        Avoid Lost Revenue

        Poor website functionality not only costs you visitors, but the business opportunities and revenue they would otherwise bring.

        Keep up with the Times

        We future-proof your website to keep you ahead of the rapidly changing ADA compliance landscape.


        What our clients say

        “The training and education that ADASC has provided has helped our organization to not only meet the ADA requirements, but also to help those we may have been excluding to learn about our good works!”
        Read more about CSCBC

        Monti Larsen

        Chief Operating Officer

        Children’s Services Council

        “We are very proud to have the ADA Site Compliance Shield on our website. Since deploying our accessibility initiatives, we have experienced higher website traffic and our culture has been more welcoming, diverse, and inclusive.”
        Read more about PPWFC

        Becca Tonn

        Director of Communications

        Pikes Peak Workforce Center

        “We were in the middle of a major site overhaul. There would have been no way for our team to complete assessments on our own. ADA Site Compliance helped us build our digital content with clear accessibiltiy guidelines and establish requirements for the future.”
        Read more about Barry University
        Barry University - Miami Florida - 1940

        Hernan Londono

        Chief Technology Officer

        Barry University

        Learn more about website accessibility

        Attract visitors, not litigation

        Why should your website be accessible to people with disabilities?

        Because it’s the lawful and ethical thing to do.
        Our experts will help your websites, mobile apps, PDFs, and videos meet the Americans with Disabilities Act legal compliance standards required under Title II and Title III of the ADA and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. All of our testing and remediation follow the internationally recognized Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) criteria.

        Together we will navigate the path towards ADA website accessibility and legal compliance of your digital environments.