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    Test Your Website For Compliance

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    Sample of Our Clients

    • Five Guys
    • Barry University
    • Western Union
    • Waffle House
    • Memorial Healthcare Services
    • Schweiger Dermatology Group
    • Iberostar Hotels and Resorts
    • Napa Auto Parts
    • The training and education that ADASC has provided has helped our organization to not only meet the ADA requirements, but also to help those we may have been excluding to learn about about our good works!

      Read more about CSCBC

      Children’s Services Council

      Chief Operating Officer

      Monti Larsen

    • We are very proud to have the ADA Site Compliance Shield™ on our website. Since deploying our accessibility initiatives, we have experienced higher website traffic and our culture has been more welcoming, diverse, and inclusive.

      Read more about PPWFC

      Pikes Peak Workforce Center

      Director of Communications

      Becca Tonn

    • We were in the middle of a major site overhaul. There would have been no way for our team to complete assessments on our own. ADA Site Compliance helped us build our digital content with clear accessibiltiy guidelines and establish requirements for the future.
      Read more about Barry University

      Barry University

      Chief Technology Officer

      Hernan Londono

    We have championed accessibility and ADA compliance for thousands of private, state, and local government entities. Under ADA Title II, Title III, and according to case law from the U.S. Department of Justice, websites are places of public accommodation and must meet ADA standards for people with disabilities.

    Attract Visitors. Not Lawsuits.

    Why should your website be accessible to people with disabilities?
    Because it’s the lawful and ethical thing to do.

    Our experts will help your websites, mobile apps, PDFs, and videos meet the American’s with Disabilities Act legal compliance standards required under Title II and Title III of the ADA and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. All of our testing and remediation follow the internationally recognized Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) criteria.

    Together we will navigate the path towards ADA website accessibility and legal compliance of your digital environments.

    • 1 out of 5 persons has a disability that may require assistive technology, like screen readers.
    • Website accessibility lawsuits have increased over 300% since 2013.
    • Settlements and legal fees can cost defendants six figures.
    • Expand your audience and attract new users.
    • Boost your customers’ experience with an accessible website.
    • ADA Site Compliance Title II Compliant
    • ADA Site Compliance Title III Compliant
    • ADA Site Compliance Section 508 Compliant
    • ADA Site Compliance WCAG 2.1 Compliant

    Website Accessibility & Compliance Solutions

    A single line of code, artificial intelligence (AI), overlays, and widgets can only achieve approximately 5-50% ADA compliance with WCAG 2.1 compliance standards. Without comprehensive human auditing, your websites, mobile apps, PDFs, and videos are vulnerable to discrimination litigation, lawsuits, and demand letters.

    ADA Compliant Website

    Technological Auditing

    A first step toward accessibility, software-based testing and detailed audit reports address many common accessibility errors.

    Accessible Technology

    Audit Premium

    An integrated approach that combines human and technological auditing, Audit Premium focuses on the accessibility errors that most often attract litigation, lawsuits, and demand letters.

    Human Accessibility Auditing

    Human Expert Auditing

    Human auditing and remediation is the only path for achieving true website accessibility and an ADA compliant website. Without human auditing, your websites and digital assets remain legally compromised.

    ADA Website Accessibility

    New Accessible Website

    Building a new website, versus auditing and remediating an existing one, is often more cost-effective for achieving and maintaining ADA compliance.

    Website Accessibility Remediation

    Website Remediation

    To achieve the highest WCAG standards, our development team corrects accessibility errors found in your audit report(s) and consults with your team to make the necessary changes for an ADA compliant website.

    Accessibile PDF & Accessible Videos

    Accessible PDFs & Videos

    Business, state, and local government entities must ensure PDFs, documents, and videos are accessible with Title II & III of the ADA standards. Our team adds the required accessibility features and remediates your assets.

    Supporting All Platforms & Technologies

    Our experts support all developer platforms, CMS, e-commerce, and coding languages.

    Examples are:

    • Accessible Drupal Themes
    • Accessible Shopify Templates
    • Accessible WordPress Themes
    • Accessible SquareSpace solutions
    • Accessible Prestashop Themes
    • Accessible Opencart Themes

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