Accessibility Checker Testing Tools

Our Compliance Contrast Checker is a testing tool that performs an accessibility evaluation for font size and color contrast. Regular content accessibility testing is important so you can address accessibility issues immediately. When you design and maintain your website with accessibility and compliance in mind, you create a more pleasant environment for everyone.

Website accessibility starts within the basic design elements of color and font. People who are color-blind and vision impairments can experience sensitivity and often physical pain to certain colors and shades of light. A common assumption is that if a website designer uses color contrast to convey information, color-blind users won’t experience accessibility issues. Color hue and color contrast are two different dimensions. Color-blind users have trouble distinguishing specific color hues. (Color-blind users don’t have difficulty perceiving differences in color contrasts).

    Test Your Website For Compliance

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    The Compliance Contrast Checker conducts an accessibility evaluation using the global standards determined by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, known as WCAG. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are recognized as the global standard for website accessibility. You can scroll down for the textbook jargon for website content accessibility or save the leg work by using our color testing and text evaluation tool.

    We encourage you to use our accessibility evaluation tool when building web pages or creating when creating website content.

    The below sections are prescribed for audience situations.

    • Section 1.4.3 Contrast (Minimum): Level AA
    • For body text, subtext, or general copy, the goal is a contrast ratio of approximately 4.5:1.
    • For headers or larger text (Font size 18pt or 14pt bold), the goal is a contrast ratio of approximately 3:1.
    • Section 1.4.6 Contrast (Enhanced): Level AAA
    • Recommended for an expected audience that has aged or low vision.
    • For body text, the contrast ratio can be enhanced from 4.5:1 to 7:1

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