Remediating Your Website

You can do everything perfectly up to this point, but the remediation of your website is what will protect you from being sued again and/or meeting the terms of your settlement agreement. We understand that in the alcoholic beverage industry, many companies choose to outsource their website development to third-party developers. We will work with your web development team, in-house or not, to make the necessary changes. Don't have a web development team? We can help make the fixes for you.

Get The Blueprint

1. Add Accessibility Policy

First, we will add a link to your website that directs users who have trouble browsing your site. This is done by providing contact information for the user. ADA Site Compliance offers a Compliance Shield that will sit in the footer of your website, which stands as a signal to users that you have partnered with an accessibility expert.




2. Diagnose Site with Technological Audits

Technological auditing will uncover an estimated 30% of the errors on your website. Using our expertise, ADASC will utilize the audit reports to identify the severity of your site's non-compliance. This, along with a human review of the website, will help us identify how much human expert auditing is needed.

3. Identify Necessary Fixes with Human Expert Auditing

Now that we have identified the amount of human auditing necessary, we will conduct the audits. This is the most labor-intensive part of the process, as it requires multiple team members to exhaustively test every portion of each page and provide reporting on their findings. At minimum, two rounds of human auditing are conducted. Once the first round has been completed, a detailed report of the issues that were uncovered is provided. This report will be used to provide the blueprint for the items that must be remediated. Once completed, at least one additional round of auditing is performed to ensure that all needed changes have been made and that no other areas of the pages have been affected by the changes.


It is extremely important to recognize that internal resources and website developers are not experts at auditing websites for compliance. You, being the person tasked with finding the best way to make your website compliant, must not be mistakenly informed that current resources have the skillset to make your website compliant. While we are sure that current resources perform their jobs at a high level, auditing websites for compliance and accessibility should be left to the experts at ADA Site Compliance.

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