Audit Plus

Combining everything included in our SMB packages and adding in depth manual testing and personalized training, Audit Plus is designed to defend against potential plaintiffs.

The Audit Plus report identifies some of the most common errors found in website accessibility lawsuits. The report shows your web developers what these errors are, and where on your website they occur, while providing recommendations for repair.

As with our SMB plans, AccessibilityEnterprise also includes ADA Site Compliance’s proprietary compliance scanning software for your website. Using this software a compliance report is generated and sent to you monthly or quarterly. This report provides the line of code where the error resides, screen shots of each error, and information on how to make correction. Allowing those tasked with making corrections to clearly understand the accessibility issues effecting your site and the steps needed to correct them.

In conjunction with ADA Site Compliance’s ComplianceShield and SiteCompliance Policy, automated and manual testing are the best solutions for pursuing website compliance and accessibility for all visitors.

ADA Site Compliance - Accessibility Policy