The Day-To-Day Effects of an Inaccessible Website

The Day-To-Day Effects of an Inaccessible Website

Published: June 10, 2021

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    Technology has forever changed the way we do business and communicate, especially during the pandemic. For people with disabilities, this isn’t always the best thing. There are many websites out there that are inaccessible to those with disabilities. Making the switch to a fully digital world poses many unique challenges for these individuals. At ADA Site Compliance, it’s our goal to ensure people with disabilities have the right access to a digitally inclusive website. See firsthand how inaccessible websites can impact the day-to-day of those with disabilities.

    Paying Bills Online

    It seems as if there isn’t a bill you don’t pay online these days. More companies are switching to paperless billing, and the world of online bill paying continues to grow. This creates distinctive challenges for those with disabilities. When your online bill-paying software is not easily accessible, people with disabilities aren’t able to use it to look up their account information, ensure their bills are paid on time, and effectively communicate with your company. Think about what it would be like if you couldn’t get access to necessary information without help. That is why it is imperative to improve your website accessibility for customer satisfaction.

    Checking Emails

    Checking emails can be difficult for those living with disabilities. One of the fundamentals of using the internet is typing. Typing emails, for example, is an essential part of the online world. Ensuring that your message is getting across correctly is important for anyone, especially those with disabilities. These user experiences need to be optimized for individuals with disabilities.

    Ordering Food Online

    In the last year, ordering food online has become routine. It’s important to have an app that is accessible and easily allows those with disabilities to place an online food order. At ADA Site Compliance, we’re committed to not only optimizing your website for accessibility but also your apps to guarantee that everyone can seamlessly navigate your app.

    At ADA Site Compliance, we specialize in ensuring that your websites, apps, PDFs, and videos are optimized for accessibility. It is required by law to make your online experience easily accessible for people with disabilities, so they have the same rights online. Are you unsure about the current status of your website and its digital inclusivity? Contact us today to get a full human expert audit to ensure you’re on the path to digital compliance.

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